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Thanks for your interest in our Wrist Wallets. We are delighted to help you answer any questions you may have.   Feel free to shoot us a note and we will be quick to answer! 


Ordering Personalized Wrist Wallets:

If you would like to personalize your wallet, please send us your message or logo. To submit the file (Preferably in Vectors) send or share link to us.  We will evaluate the design and send you a mockup of what it would look like before you make your final purchase. You can order as little as a single Personalized Wallet and as many as you want. The estimated time of delivery will also be evaluated once we have all the details of your order.  


Ordering Wholesale:

Option 1:

Options 2:

SoFree Creations offers Wholesale prices for orders of $600 or more. The Wrist wallets don't need to be the same style or size. To make a wholesale order of existing Wrist Wallets, simply send us a message with the total quantity units you are looking to purchase and we will reply with a Shop Code that will honor the correct discount for such quantity. Then, simply explore the site and make your selection and when you hit the number of units defined, you will be able to apply the code upon check out. Approximate processing times:

25 -100 items: 7 days. 

101- 500 units: 14 days

501 - 3000 units: 30 -60 days