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Our Principles

We at SoFree Creation care about being part of the Solution.  Our planet needs much help and it is our responsibility to make an effort to protect it and its inhabitants. 

Fair Fashion:  As humans we all should benefit from healthy and fair working conditions.   Our commitment, as we travel abroad to find special fabrics for our products, is to ensure only that anyone we purchase from, provides good pay and healthy working conditions to their workers.   As in the case of our Thai Silk Wrist Wallet, we often we buy directly from the artisans themselves to support and incentivise their efforts  and at the same time to avoid massive corporate structures where fair working conditions are not easy to verify.  



Delicate Pink and Golden Thai Silk Wrist Wallet Cuff By SoFree Creations


Vegan Materials:  All our products are made with Vegan Friendly materials.  No animal skin has ever, nor will ever be used to make any of  our products.  Many are made from recycled plastic bottles to further support the minimization of harmful materials hurting our planet.   Our Vegan Leather Wallets and Vegan Suede are very popular as unlike real leather, they are light, fast-drying and hold no smells.