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A new wrist bag for men and women with a secret pocket for all the things you want to find easily. 

This thin, unisex bracelet doubles as a convenient wallet. Each bracelet wallets contains a secret inner pocket where you can safely and comfortably carry cash, keys, credit cards, or any other small items. It's wonderfully versatile and great for anyone on the go. 


For any occasion 

SoFree’s Unisex Wrist bag collections is perfect for travel, exercise, parties, festivals, beaches, sports, and any day-to-day activity. This collection of our unisex wallets is made with all vegan materials and it’s perfect for everyone in any occasion.

Functional wear:

Bring the essentials with ease and enjoy your surroundings by wearing one of our handmade unisex leather cuff bracelets. They’re super comfy, soft, machine washable, with handy pockets to protect against theft of any kind by disguising your wallet as a leather cuff bracelet.  

The On-the-Go Wallet

These unisex bracelet wallet are the perfect companion for those who want to live a life on the go. It’s small but powerful. It fits all your essentials including things you might not think about until they're needed, like medication, a safety note or an emergency medical device.  It can be worn as a wristband or ankle cuff to free up important hands when adventuring. Be ready for anything when wearing one of these fashionable and functional wrist bags from our collection - Clever You!

Neutral Colors and Textures.  

When it comes to life, you never stop shaking things up. 

Life is more than just black and white. It's full of shades of brilliance. That's why we're spreading the joy with our new Wrist Wallets - Neutral earthy colors for everyone! Easy to match with any outfit you are prepping to wear and because of their easy-to-wear look,  they'll fit right in on your travels, at the gym or one more party… every day of the week! Now all you need to do is find your color crush - with this selection, there are options a-plenty!

Vegan Leather

This collection also includes vegan leather cuffs  also known as Faux leather or pleather.  Each Bracelet Wallet is made with all vegan materials that are animal-free, stylish, and perfect for everyone.  Also we ensure to purchase materials from legitimate crafters that align with fair fashion standards.