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Belt with Secret Pockets | Travel Money Belt

Punk Rocker Wide Belt

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Purple Wide Travel Belt

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Travel Money Belt

“As a fashionista with an active lifestyle,  I know that keeping all essentials close by can be tricky when exploring new places.  That's why SoFree’s wide belt with hidden pocket is the best accessory for me. It helps me keep track of my passport and valuables while freeing up my hands to wander without worrying about dropping anything valuable” 

Joanna C.

This sensual wide belt gives you two pockets to stash your phone, passport, ID, boarding pass, cash, cards - everything you need to go around.   The only difference between this waist belt and other cute designer belts? This one has two secret pockets where it holds everything neatly undercover. 


This phone holder belt It's fashionable, practical and really convenient.  If you wear your life on your belt - so to speak-, this belt is for you! Our sleek vegan leather design is perfect for any outfit. It comes with a secret back pocket that velcro closes which fits phones or passports.


You can  it dress up or down!  casual, bohemian, elegant, you!  with this belt your style will be comfort and freedom!  No one will know where you left your purse and how can you be so light without one.  Only you know all of your stuff is right there in the two secret pockets. The back pocket has a sleeve for your phone that easily slips into place, keeping your phone safe while its rhythmic vibration alerts you when someone contacts you.


Created with minimalism in mind, this  belt with secret pockets is an easy way to pack light while never losing anything important on your travels. Choose from a variety of fun designs, each made with sustainable vegan materials and following fair fashion principles!

Great for Travel 

We all know there is never enough space for anything we could possibly want or need while we're traveling. A wide belt for ladies is a new way to carry just the essentials, most-used  and critical items safely while keeping easy access to them.   Think of it as your new secret travel companion: light and safe, right around your waist and not in a bulky purse that only gets in the way! The wide belt for ladies has hidden pockets targeted at making any traveler's journey infinitely better and lighter!


Ladies don't want their purses getting too heavy on their shoulders when they're exploring new places and living life up.  That’s where our belt pocket bag comes into play! It can carry all that you might need during your adventures without weighing down your outfit or adding extra baggage.   Move free and express yourself without any restrictions and worry for your purse.