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POW Lycra Wrist Wallet




This year's best-kept secret is the Best Sport Wallet! Finally, a wallet that doesn't feel or look like one because our wrist pouch are designed for comfortability and style with features you wouldn't think possible in a traditional wallet until now! Leave your bulky pouch at home and trade up for this sleek new wrist wallet made of high-quality eco-friendly materials. 

Imagine an object that would make life so much easier. One so attractive you wear it on your skin. One so comfortable, you'll never want to take it off.

SoFree Sport/Beach Wallet Collection are fun colorful cuffs that contains a secret inner pocket where you can safely and comfortably carry cash, keys, credit cards, or any other small items. Made with Lycra or neoprene, these wearable wallets can get wet and will dry quickly. 

The perfect wrist wallets for runners, beach-goers,  cruise shippers, all-inclusive resorters,  sports.. ers??, etc.  These clever water-resistant wallets offer security for your belongings while enhancing your cool look in one shot. 

Great Colors

With designs from bright polka dots to dark camo patches—these subtle solutions are perfect waller for swimming, running, hiking, or any other outdoor activities.

From sports wallet to fashion accessory

The SoFree Wrist Wallet is pure genius! Keep your personal items safer with the convenience of a wearable wallet. You can strap this awesome wrist pouch on during water-based activities, or take it for running errands and casual outings as an added style touch.

Safe and convenient

SoFree running wrist wallets are really handy and safe to carry things like your emergency cash, credit cards, or any other small items you don't want to be exposed or lost.  You don't have to risk losing them or bring along a bulky bag while you're running around on the beach. So if you're tired of carrying those bulky wallets around why not give this discreet solution a try?

 Take it on the run... or on a run!

Keeping your hands free while running can be a challenge. Our Beach/Sport Wallets can hold your money, credit cards, and keys in the pocket that you wear on your wrist plus it lets everyone see that you are an adventurous person with style! These wrist wallet solutions come in a range of styles so you can find the perfect one for you!


With our neoprene or lycra wrist wallets, you'll always be prepared for your next big outdoorsy adventure. With all your cards and cash at hand, this fast-drying sports wallet is lightweight so it won't weigh you down. 


Made from recycled plastic bottles and 100% cotton you strongly say “I care about this Earth”  Make an effortless choice by buying yourself a stylish Sports Wallet today.


Note: They are not waterproof wallets, meaning the contents can still get wet so please don't bring to the water any items that will be destroyed by water contact unless placed inside a watertight bag before placing it inside the wallet.