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Our Fancy Wrist Wallets are the perfect small wallet for ladies. This sensual Elegant Wallet Collection is ideal for a Night Out, Festivals, Dates, Weddings, Galas, and many other occasions. The design complements your style while concealing the location of your valuables. It's a win-win situation! SoFree’s small wallets bracelets can also be worn on your ankle. Experiment with it to see what works best for your personal style and comfort. 

Feel the freedom.

Put on your cute wallet and walk freely, dance unrestricted, and most importantly have peace of mind that all of those billfolds are/will be close by and safe.

Wearable Accessory that Holds your Valuables 

Master of style? Looks like you found your new sidekick.  Sensual, elegant, and secure. Use this small evening wrist wallet as the sleek detail to any outfit for a night out with your ladies or a first date with that special someone! No need to worry about digging through a bulky purse, just wrap it on and channel your clever style!

True Beauty Can Only be Found in Comfort. 

It's a beautiful thing when a lady wants to look trendy, glamorous, and funky at all times. To ensure this, SoFree's wristlet provides the perfect way of hiding your valuables without letting go of your style. The back zipper for accessing money or retrieving items is convenient and discreet. With enough space to store credit cards, money, lipstick and other essentials, all you need is SoFree's clever and cute wallet to make an elegant statement while leaving room for spontaneity!

Double Whammy!

Our SoFree's Fancy Wrist Wallets not only carry your valuables but also serve as an Elegant Fashion Statement that allows you to express yourself freely. This sensual Elegant Wallet Collection is perfect for any night on the town, festivals, dates, weddings, galas, and more! Not only does it add to your style quotient of personalizing your look while hiding your valuables but it's also a win-win situation because you get Concealed Carry Styling with a Hidden Valet of Security. It's perfect for any time of day.

Vegan Materials ONLY!

SoFree Fancy Wrist Wallets are designed with all vegan materials. These trendy wristlets are eco-friendly and all materials are acquired from fair fashion manufacturers.  Our vegan materials don't harm animals or the planet.  These cool accessories make you glow like a true fashionista by day and night.