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 These Wrist Wallets are in fact a great alternative for your secret extra pocket for travel, Nightlife, Beach Walks and most occasions.   You'll quickly realize how useful and convenient these wrist wallets are for every day use. 

Here is what you can expect:

My Style is Strength

  A Cuff in your arm has been always been a symbol of strength and power.  Super heroes, bad ass vikings and most warriors have worn Cuff Wraps on their wrists over many centuries.   Today this is trending as a statement of personal character.  
Stay connected to your confidence and strength by using the cuff that best aligns with that power within you.

Feel the Freedom!

  This era’s truest fashion statement of sensuality is having your needs met with minimal load and hassle.  Wear a beautiful cuff bracelet that not only beautifully accessorizes your arm but that also carries your essentials so that you don’t have to lug around a bulky purse.  

Simple is Simple

As humans progress, we become more effective and efficient.  We now search for products and ideas that lighten the load whilst remaining functional so that we can have more energy, more time and better quality of life.  
Making simple choices to simplify is the key to release that constant feeling of being weighted down.  

Calm Convenience

Take a walk on the beach in just a bathing suit.   Take the least possible, just keys and some money. WAIT! Where will I store it?  Hold it in my hand? What if I want to swim?  Having an extra pocket around your wrist that can also get wet is very convenient in this situation so that you won’t need to worry when your intention is to relax.  Keep your essentials close and without having to grab anything.  

Hidden in Plain Sight 

   The secret pocket accessories are strongly trending for travelers as they add a layer of safety when abroad.  The unique element of our wrist wallets lays in its design.  On the outside it looks just like a cuff bracelet keeping prying eyes uninterested and unsuspecting of its wallet nature.  There is safe and there is safer.

Power.  Freedom and Safety 


Wallet Features:  We care about what you care about

1- Vegan Only Materials

In SoFree we only use Vegan fabrics as they strongly represent our philosophy and our vision for the future of fashion. They're versatile, environmentally friendly and -what is most important- their creation does not involve cruelty to animals which is simply unjustifiable.

2- Handmade Made in USA 

 Each piece is handmade in San Diego USA, where my mother and I live and run the sawing studio from which all products ship globally.  

3- Breathable 

Carefully chosen cotton breathable fabrics are exclusively used for the inside of each wallet where it contacts with your skin.  On super hot days, this allows for any moisture to be released for quick drying.   

4- Variety so that you can match with any style  

SoFree Wrist Wallets | Wearable Wallets
  From an adventure day to nightlife dancing and all in between you will find the perfect wallet for any occasion.  Select some neutrals for everyday and easy matching as well as some statement colors to express your personality and style fully.  

5- Great Gift:

Aaaah.  An add an extra one for your friend as it makes an awesome unique gift they will never have expected but will love you for and remember you every time they wear it. 


1- What’s My size?   Custom size available?

To determine your size simply measure 2 spots,  first around your wrist and second about 4 inches above in your arm.  See image--->

Option 1: Standard Sizing

If these 2 spots measure the same or very similar, simply use the chart to get the size that best aligns with that measurement 

Option 2:  Custom Sizing

If these measurements are more than 1 inch different,  please order a custom wallet and add the 2 measurements to the order note.   We will make your wallet specific to your arm for the best fit.  


2- What fits inside? 


As you can imagine, this wallet is for essentials only.  You can add about 10-15 cash bills (flat is best) and up to 5 cards (credit, id, etc).  The wallet will have 2 rows of snaps so it can be loosen up when packed and tighten up when empty.    Other small items will also fit.  Such as keys, coins, pills, earphones, etc.  

3- How to use?  

 The expanded wallet  is rectangular so it is best to fit cash bills flat all across.  The cards will fit best vertically inside.  Push them to one side or the other for more comfort.   Once your items are placed inside, simply wrap the wallet around your wrist and snap it closed ideally keeping cards on the anterior side of your arm.  See How to video here: 

4- Can they get wet?

The wallet is made of materials that do well in water, making the wallet water-resistant but not water proof.  The water will not damage the wallet but the items inside will still get wet unless they are first placed inside a water-tight baggie such as ziplock bags. 

5- Washable:

 All wallets are machine washer safe.  Simply trow them in with the laundry.  To dry them do not place them in dryer as the hight heat will deform it.  Just lay it as flat as possible to dry naturally.  

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