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Black Leather Wallet | Rocker Wrist Wallet

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Store your essentials in style with this edgy, faux leather Black Rocker Wrist Wallet! Perfect for the rockstar in all of us, this accessory is a must for anyone who wants to bring their look to the next level. Keep your cash safe and your style chic - rock on!

Our Wrist Wallets are Fashionable Cuff Bracelets that contain a secret ( shhh :) inner pocket where you can safely and comfortably stash and carry your money, keys, credit cards, or any other day-to-day small items.

Perfect for Travel, Parties, Festivals, Sports, or Just your everyday!

Wear it on your wrist, arm, or Ankle, and FEEL THE FREEDOM!

Key Features and Benefits: 

👍 Functional: Comfortably carry Cash, Keys, Credit Cards, and more.

💃 Stylish:  The Only wrist wallet that looks like a sensual bracelet cuff.

🤫  Secret Stash:  Perfectly disguised as a sexy bracelet accessory.  

🚿 Washable:   See the "Care Instructions" tab for the best practice.    

🌿 Vegan Materials:  No animal skin or materials are ever used

✂️ Fair Fashion:  All materials are made under fair fashion standards. 





To determine your size simply measure 2 spots, first around your wrist and second about 4 inches above in your arm. See last image of the product for guidance.

Option 1: Standard Sizing
If these 2 spots measure the same or very similar, simply use the chart to get the size that best aligns with that measurement

Option 2: Custom Sizing
If these measurements are more than 1 inch different, please order a custom wallet and add the 2 measurements to the order note. We will make your wallet specific to your arm for the best fit. 

All wallets are machine washer safe. Simply trow them in with the laundry. To dry them do not place them in dryer as the hight heat will deform it. Just lay it as flat as possible to dry naturally.

✦ What fits inside?
As you can imagine, this wallet is for essentials only. You can add about 10-15 cash bills (flat is best) and up to 5 cards (credit, id, etc). The wallet will have 2 rows of snaps so it can be loosen up when packed and tighten up when empty. Other small items will also fit. Such as keys, coins, pills, earphones, etc.

✦ How to use?
The expanded wallet is rectangular so it is best to fit cash bills flat all across. The cards will fit best vertically inside. Push them to one side or the other for more comfort. Once your items are placed inside, simply wrap the wallet around your wrist and snap it closed ideally keeping cards on the anterior side of your arm. See How to video here

✦ Can they get wet?
The wallet is made of materials that do well in water, making the wallet water-resistant but not water proof. The water will not damage the wallet but the items inside will still get wet unless they are first placed inside a water-tight baggie such as ziplock bags.

✦ Washable- How to Care.
All wallets are machine washer safe. Simply trow them in with the laundry. To dry them do not place them in dryer as the hight heat will deform it. Just lay it as flat as possible to dry naturally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great product

My guy loved this and will find useful when attending concerts!

Sus Parker
Very good

This is as I expected/hoped for: quality, good-looking and ingenious.
And it fits! The sizing is good in itself and there is adjustment too.

I would so like to order more products from this company but the cost of postage and taxes from the USA to England is prohibitive. Should I ever find myself in the States again I'll order masses to my hotel!

Sandy Hall
Love my wrist wallet!!!

I'm thrilled with the wrist wallet made by SoFree Creations!! It's buttery soft, well made and gorgeously functional. I may order more as gifts for friends


nicely made. not as flush against my wrist as i hoped when i put credit cards in it but that might be more due to my wrists being small


Good quality and arrived quickly.